"God, greed, sex, con games, casinos, murder, the Mafia and an incredible gambling system that might just be able to beat the house! What more can you ask for? Great characters, fast moving pace and surprising plot twists that will keep you turning the pages. Armtsrong has written a novel that takes on big issues and is simultaneously fun to read and interesting to ponder."

– Frank Scoblete,
best selling author of Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution
and Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution

"The colorful characters, the gritty reality, the mixture of gambling and religion, and a bad guy having an epiphany -- God Doesn’t Shoot Craps is one of the best gambling novels I’ve ever read."

– Jean Scott, author of "The Frugal Gambler,
More Frugal Gambling,
and The Frugal Video Poker Handbook

"Be prepared for novelist Richard Armstrong to strap you in for a 200 mph ride through life as seen through the eyes of a con man who descends from predator to prey after falling for one of his own schemes. Armstrong captures the world of casino gambling in a light rarely seen and molds it into a literary vehicle that takes readers to close encounters with characters straight out of the Godfather and the Sopranos to intellectual discourses about the meaning of life with a most unlikely messenger. God Doesn’t Shoot Craps will grab you by the shoulders and shake you at times with its vivid portraits of humanity’s deepest valleys but only to assure you’re ready for the journeys to mankind’s highest peaks."

– John G. Brokopp
"Casino Gambling" Columnist & Author

"I found God Doesn't Shoot Craps to be a humorous, enjoyable, and exciting read from the first page to the last.  As a gaming mathematician I found the portrayal of betting systems and the con men who sell them to be believable.  Very recommend reading for anybody who incorrectly believes there is any easy way to beat the casinos."

– Michael Shackleford, “The Wizard of Odds,” author of Gambling 102

"Cutting-edge gambling fiction, written -- with humor, insight, and style -- by the only author who can actually know whether God does or doesn't shoot craps."

– Deke Castleman, Senior Editor, The Las Vegas Advisor,
author of Whale Hunt in the Desert

“Better than a day at the casino! Armstrong has crafted an absorbing, fast-paced story filled with great characters and unexpected plot twists. Certainly the best novel ever written featuring the fascinating, and sometimes mendacious, world of direct-mail marketing. What a ride!”

– Steve Slaunwhite, Copywriter & Author

"While the system for craps at the center of this novel is entirely worthless, the book itself is a delight. Witty dialogue ("She had an accent that could make a dog stand up and leave the room"), a wide-range of characters with comically serious imperfections, and casino action across the country, this novel combines sin, transformation, and redemption in a gambling sort of way. And anyone who claims the last sentence doesn't surprise him/her is a liar!"

– Bob Dancer, author of Million Dollar Video Poker and Sex, Lies, and Video Poker

God Doesn’t Shoot Craps has everything the great American novel should have: con men and cops, lap dancers and mechanical dogs, an airplane crash and a miracle, casinos and the Dalai Lama of Dice.  If you like Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, you’ll love Richard Armstrong.” 

-- Steve “Heavy” Haltom, Gaming author and casino coach

“A great book to read while sitting in first class on your flight to Vegas to find unimagined wealth, then to re-read while hitchhiking back home wondering how to make next month’s mortgage.  There may be no perfect system to beat the casinos, but this is one perfect book on how to try.  Thought-provoking and highly entertaining.”

– John H. Corcoran, Jr., Author, A Few Marbles Left and True Grits

"With God Doesn't Shoot Craps, world class copywriter Richard Armstrong has produced a highly literate, world class nail-biter that takes you deep inside the steamier, seamier emporia of Atlantic City and Las Vegas--the casinos, the "tanning" salons and the Italian restaurants that are frequented by some of the most deliciously disreputable characters you will ever meet. The hilarious scenes of suddenly uncaged and not-so-tame magic show lions strolling through a crowded Vegas slot parlor and the definition of a "whale" (the gambling industry's term for the highest rollers) are, by themselves, are worth the price of admission, as are the mind bending mathematics and Zen of a craps system "guaranteed to make you $500,000 a day." I loved it!

– Denny Hatch, Cedarhurst Alley and The Stork

"A hilarious romp through the dark side of direct marketing! Added bonus for copywriters: Unlike in real life, the Client From Hell (in this case, a small-time gangster) actually gets what he deserves as part of the wickedly satisfying surprise ending."

– David Garfinkel, author Customers on Demand

"I loved God Doesn't Shoot Craps.  It's a fascinating blend of two subjects I know nothing about -- gambling and flying -- and two subjects I know quite a bit about: science and mail-order marketing.  It's unique: a fast read and a riveting story combined with some rather deep philosophical thinking on the meaning of the universe, deftly plotted with lots of suprises along the way."

-- Robert W. Bly, author The Science in Science Fiction (BenBella Books, 2005)

"Bright, literate, pointed, and oh-so-readable because of a sly and merry sense of humor:

Am I describing Richard Armstrong’s bright, literate, pointed, and oh-so-readable direct response copy? Or am I describing his bright, literate, pointed, and oh-so-readable novel, God Doesn’t Shoot Craps?


A talent too few writers possess is the ability to inject themselves inside the hides of others. In effective fiction, the writer is each character. Richard Armstrong is rich in that talent, and the result is a story that seizes and involves the reader. You don’t care about gambling (or the euphemism, gaming)? You don’t sympathize and empathize with  mildly disreputable characters? You don’t read a book cover-to-cover in a single sitting because you can’t help yourself? Oh, yes, you do, because this author forces your involvement. Now, that’s great writing."
– Herschell Gordon Lewis, Columnist, DIRECT Magazine

"Certainly the funniest, most suspenseful, and most thought-provoking thriller to emerge from America's growing love affair with Las Vegas and gambling.  I loved it!"

-- Jane Cavolina, New York Times Bestselling co-author of Growing Up Catholic

"What can advertising scams, dice systems and topless dancers teach us about the nature of the universe? Read God Doesn't Shoot Craps and find out. Richard Armstrong deftly weaves these seemingly unrelated topics (and many more) into a wildly entertaining yarn that will have you laughing out loud and pondering the eternal mysteries at the same time. 

– Brian Rouff, Dice Angel and Money Shot

"I don't read many novels, but this one grabbed me, held me, hypnotized me, and even awakened me.  A fun, easy, riveting book."  
– Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor

"A wonderful and at times hypnotic yarn for anyone whose fate has depended  on a roll of the dice, and wished there were a way to improve the odds."

– Tom Collins, Columnist Direct Magazine, Co-Founder Rapp & Collins

"A divine novel emerges from the profane! Richard Armstrong presents wickedly charming characters caught up in an outrageous scheme that folds in on itself -- to become part of the grandest and most fantastic scheme of all. Whether he is describing an airplane pilot's desperate maneuvers, a gambler's equally desperate calculations, or the fundamental mathematics of the universe, Armstrong shows an extraordinary depth of experience and learning in the tradition of Thomas Pynchon, allowing him to write with irresistable assurance and wit. In the end, redemption is found where it is least expected, and the reader may rightly ask, "Well, if God doesn't shoot craps, then what exactly does God do?"

– Ross Rhodes, Lecturer, founder & principal contributor, BottomLayer.com

“Casinos, dice, gambling system scammers, mobsters, murder, spirituality and redemption.... What more could you want from a novel?  If you've spent any time in gambling halls, you've MET some of the characters in this book!”

– Thom "Irishsetter" Morgan, Dice Influencer