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Whether you heard me on the radio today, clicked an email link, or simply surfed to this site by accident, I’d like to thank you for your interest in my new novel by...

Giving you a free copy of my e-book, “GET PAID TO GAMBLE: The Inside Story of Casino Comps.”

GET PAID TO GAMBLE is the first and, I believe, still the best book ever written on how to get treated like a high roller in any casino – even if you’re just a 25¢ slot-machine player. It’s loaded with delicious little secrets like these…

How to ask for a comp in such a way that the pitboss literally can’t say no: Page 26.

The ultra-secret mathematical formula that casinos use to “rate” your play and how to twist it in your favor! Page 34.

How to get credit for losing money at the tables when you’re really up in your room watching TV (page 37).

I wrote GET PAID TO GAMBLE nearly fifteen years ago and sold thousands of copies at $40 each. But I’d like you to have it for free.

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Before you download your free copy of GET PAID TO GAMBLE, let me ask you a question…

Would you like to learn more about “Parrondo’s Paradox,” the amazing win-by-losing gambling system featured in my novel, GOD DOESN’T SHOOT CRAPS? And would you like to get a bunch of other free gifts in the bargain?

Here’s all you have to do. Simply buy my novel on and email me the order number. When you do, I’ll reply with a link that contains free downloads of the following special reports:

FREE GIFT NO. 1 is the answer to the first question many folks ask me when they finish reading God Doesn’t Shoot Craps, namely: “Can ‘Parrondo’s Paradox’ be applied to any casino games besides craps?” After all, craps is not the most popular game in the casino nowadays. So people often wonder if they can apply this uncanny mathematical theory to blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and even slot machines. The answer is an unqualified … maybe. Dr. Parrondo and his colleagues say the answer is “most probably not,” but there’s no reason we should let that stop us from trying. (It’s interesting they refuse to rule it out, isn’t it?) In this report, I’ll take you one-by-one through each of the most popular casino games and show you exactly how you might attempt to apply the principles of “Parrondo’s Paradox” to each of them. We’ll even talk about applying it to the stock market, your career, and life itself!

Speaking of slots vs. table games, it’s been my experience that a lot of folks – especially slot machine players – get a little intimidated by craps and blackjack. They’d like to learn out to play them, but they don’t want to embarrass themselves. And that’s why I came up with my next two gifts:

FREE GIFT NO. 2 is called “BELLY UP TO THE BLACKJACK TABLE,” and it’s a great guide for slot-machine players who have always eyed the blackjack tables longingly … but have been afraid to take the plunge. It takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step through the entire process -- from the moment you approach the table ‘til the time you walk away a winner. With this book by your side, you’ll be playing blackjack like a pro from your first day forward. ($10 Value, Yours Free!)

FREE GIFT NO. 3 is called “BELLY UP TO THE CRAPS TABLE,” and it does the exact same thing for folks who’ve always wanted to play craps … but were afraid to try. Craps is the fastest and most exciting game in the casino, but it can be very intimidating. This free booklet takes away the intimidation factor entirely and will have you playing craps like an “old timer” in no time flat. ($10 Value, Yours Free!)


A little too “basic” for your taste, you say? Maybe so. But if you’re an experienced craps or blackjack player, you’ll really get a kick out of…

FREE GIFT NO. 4, which is called “OSCAR’S GRIND: How to Get Rich Slowly in Any Casino.” This booklet reveals the world’s best money-management system for any even-money game like blackjack, craps, or baccarat. I love this little system! It works like a fine Swiss watch. The beauty of Oscar’s Grind is that you can start with a small bankroll, never put very much money at risk, and walk away a winner more times than not. Oscar’s Grind is a minor miracle of mathematics. ($15 Value, Yours Free!)

Speaking of mathematics, you probably know that money management, bankroll size, and skillful play are the three most important “weapons” you have on your side when you do battle against the casino. But are these enough? After all, the casino has that mean ol’mathematical edge.

For most people, the answer is no. The casino is bigger than you, stronger than you, and – as F. Scott Fitzgerald might’ve said – different from you because it has more money!


But you can actually take these unfair advantages and use them against the casino – judo style! – if you take the systematic approach to gambling revealed in…

FREE GIFT NO. 5: “PATRICK HENRY’S REVOLUTIONARY SECRET TO BEATING THE CASINOS AT THEIR OWN GAME.” Patrick Henry once said, “The battle is not won by the strong alone. It is won by the active, the vigilant, the brave.” That’s how the rag-tag colonial American militia managed to beat the mighty British Army – by being active, vigilant, and brave. And that’s exactly how regular folks like you and me (even slot players) can beat the mighty casino. In this free report, I’ll show you exactly how to do it. ($20 Value, Yours Free!)

If you’re an experienced craps player, you know that the key to winning big at craps is how soon you recognize that you’re at the start of a hot roll, how quickly you jump on it, and how much money you throw at it! Those are the subjects of…

FREE GIFT NO. 6: “STRIKE WHEN THE DICE ARE HOT: How to Pounce on a Hot Roll and Play It for All It’s Worth.” In it, I’ll reveal the tell-tale signs that indicate a hot roll is about to occur. I’ll show you how to start betting BIG from the beginning of a hot roll instead of waiting until it’s too late. I’ll also show you how to tell when a hot roll is about to END, so you can get your money off the table before you-know-who rears his ugly face. ($20 Value, Yours Free!)

One of the keys to making money during a hot roll is to bet on the entire table. You get lots of advice in craps books to avoid the proposition bets, avoid the outside numbers, avoid the field, etc. etc. Here’s what I have to say about that advice:


That’s good advice when the dice are cold. But when the dice are hot, playing super-cautiously is playing super-stupidly. That’s why I decided to write…

FREE GIFT NO. 7: “WHEN GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD BETS: How to Make a Profit on Props” In it, you’ll discover how to use proposition bets as part of your betting strategy when the dice get hot. Here you’ll find some advanced hedging strategies for the experienced player, as well as good advice on how to get your feet wet in prop betting for the beginner. Be prepared for some surprises. Did you know, for example, that the Field Bet, which is often derided as a little old lady’s bet suitable for suckers only, actually has a lower vig than placing the outside numbers of 4 and 10? ($15 Value, Yours Free!)

Finally, the last free gift is my favorite, and here’s why. One night at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, I was on the hottest roll of my life.

The casino tried EVERY countermeasure they could think of … from running cocktail waitresses in on me to doing a chip “refill” to repeatedly telling me to hit the back wall (despite the fact that I was hitting the back wall with every throw).


Finally, when the boxlady stopped the game for what seemed like the umpteenth time to examine the dice, I lost my temper. I said:

“Madam, you can check those dice all night. But I am not controlling them physically. I am controlling them telepathically!”

Everybody at the table laughed. Even the nasty little boxlady. What nobody knew except for me was that I was only partially kidding. And that’s what your seventh and final free gift is all about…

FREE GIFT NO. 8 is called “PSYCHOKINETIC CRAPS,” and it’s a whole new take on the hottest topic in the craps world today – dice control. No, I’m not just talking about rhythmic rolling, the “V” set, backspin, sidespin, or any of that stuff. I’m talking about using your mind to affect the outcome of a craps game.

As Virgil Kirk, one of the main characters in GOD DOESN’T SHOOT CRAPS, says: “If you think that craps is all about numbers, you’d be a fool to play it because the numbers are stacked against you.”

No, it’s the mental side, the emotional side, and yes, the spiritual side of the game that separates the winners from losers. And that’s what “PSYCHOKINETIC CRAPS” is all about (“PSYCHOKINETIC CRAPS” is a $25 value, but it’s yours free!)

Speaking of my novel, that’s what holds the key to getting your hands on all these fascinating free reports…


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Copy that order number and email it to me at the following email address:

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You don’t have to send me a long letter. Just put the order number in the subject line or the message box, and I’ll know exactly what it’s about.

When you do, I will reply with an email that directs you to the page where you can download your free reports.


You’ll get $115 worth of fascinating free reports just for buying an $11 paperback novel.

And heck, I’m not even talking about the fact that the novel’s gonna keep you awake all night turning pages…

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That it could, in fact, change the way you think about the universe around you and the important role that you play in it.

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So please, place a “bet” on GOD DOESN’T SHOOT CRAPS for $10.78 and get a “jackpot” of $115 in free reports. That’s roughly the same 9-to-1 payoff you’d get by hitting the “hard eight” at the craps table.

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